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Are you a web designer or web developer looking to share your knowledge or expertise with readers? If so, then you have reached the right place. We are always excited to receive high-quality content from experienced writers. Share your ideas, tricks, and tips to keep our readers up to date. Before writing your great guest blog, kindly review all the submission guidelines.

What readers will expect from your article?

Our platform has a broad community looking for informative and engaging content. Readers want knowledge, advice, and tools that can be easily applied in real-world settings to yield actual results. As a result, it is essential that your blogs properly educate or inspire our target audience. Additionally, it provides clear direction on how to apply the content in practical tasks.

Guidelines To Follow

  • Topic Selection: Create a list of 3 to 5 topics from the specified niches and email them for final approval. Only write and submit content on approved topics.
  • Formatting: Follow to SEO formatting practices using H1 and H2 headings, bold, italics, image tags, and lists appropriately. This optimizes your post for search engine ranking and increases traffic to your site.
  • Readability: Keep paragraphs concise, with a maximum of 5 lines per paragraph. Avoid using complex sentences to ensure readability for our audience.
  • Plagiarism: Submit unique content that has not been previously published elsewhere. Additionally, proofread your content to eliminate grammatical and language errors before submission.
  • Image Size: Use a graphic design tool to create a custom-featured image with 980 x 580 px dimensions.
  • Author Bio: Include a personal bio consisting of 3-4 sentences. You may also include details about your website and company and working links. Avoid adding links within keywords.
  • Approval & Publication: Upon receiving your email, we will review and inform you about the guest post approval status. Once approved, your post will be published, and we will share the live link via email.

What We Refrain From Publishing

Outlined below are several content types that are strictly prohibited and will not be posted under any circumstances.

  • Plagiarized Content: We strongly oppose plagiarized content and will not accept submissions containing copied material. All guest posts are thoroughly screened using high-quality plagiarism detection software to maintain our standards.
  • Spun Content: Content generated from AI tools is not acceptable. This also applies to all content derived from Private Label Rights sources.
  • Misleading Content: Maintaining a high level of content authenticity is paramount to us. Therefore, we ensure that no guest posts containing misleading information are approved.
  • Previously Rejected Content: We do not accept requests to publish previously rejected blog posts, regardless of whether they have been updated.

Are you ready to write a guest post for our platform?

To get started, simply email us and submit your guest blog on blog.technologymath@gmail.com. Upon receiving your sample article, our team will conduct a thorough review. If your submission aligns with our guidelines and meets our review criteria, we will contact you regarding the next steps. Your sample article will mark the beginning of your contributions to our platform. We look forward to collaborate with you!