Digital signatures are an essential component of contemporary document management. They provide a simple and safe means of document and transaction authentication.

As electronic and digital signature techniques have grown in popularity, confirming a digital signature’s legitimacy is essential to guarantee the security and validity of signed documents. In this post, you will learn how to verify a digital signature online free:

Step 1: launch the PDF document.

Make sure you can access the signed PDF file on your device. Find the digital signature file that you wish to confirm.

Step 2: Open a Free PDF Reader

Open the PDF file using a free PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat viewer DC. This program is easily accessible and provides a means of validating digital signatures. After you’ve opened the document, locate the signature panel on the toolbar or side panel. It’s typically signified by a fountain pen icon or similar symbol.

Click on the icon to view the signature panel and examine the digital signature’s data, such as the signer’s identity and validity status. This procedure allows you to verify whether the signature is authentic and whether the document has undergone changes since it was signed.

Step 3: Click to Open the Signature Panel

Search for the signature or certificate option in the PDF viewer. Typically, the toolbar, side panel’s fountain pen icon, or similar symbol indicates this. The signature panel can be accessed by clicking the icon.

Step 4: Check the Signature

The digital signature’s details, such as the signer’s identity, certificate details, and validity status, are all listed in the signature panel. The program automatically verifies the signature’s validity and whether the document has changed since it was signed.

A notification verifying the signature’s authenticity will appear if it is legitimate. You will receive a warning message if the signature is invalid or the document has been tampered with.

Step 5: Examine Further Information

Examine the additional information provided about the signature, including the signing date and time, the authority of the certificate, and the signature’s expiration date. You can use this information to confirm that the signature is authentic.

Step 6: Use the Online Verification Tools

If you would rather validate the digital signature electronically, online tools are available for free. When you upload the signed PDF file to a reliable online verification provider, the application will verify the digital signature’s legitimacy and give you a thorough report.

Step7: Contact with the Signer

Speaking with the signer directly can alleviate any doubts you may have regarding the legitimacy of a digital signature. You can ask them to attest that they did sign the paper and that it hasn’t been tampered with.

This open line of communication can protect the transaction’s credibility and the document’s integrity. For sensitive or significant documents, in particular, contacting the signer might offer another layer of verification and peace of mind.

Final words:

The above points will help you understand how to verify a digital signature online for free. You must also carefully follow these steps to verify your digital signature online. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, you can follow the seventh step to execute it properly.

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