Protecting your internet reputation is more important than ever in the modern era. Due to upraise of cyberattacks, having powerful antivirus software is a necessity.

If you are in budget McAfee is an excellent antivirus software to use, that can identify all virus attacks on your devices.

Apart from the file shredding, password management, PC optimization, and identity protection, McAfee offers additional services like PC cleaning and identity protection. Let’s see about the Mcafee anti-virus:

McAfee Antivirus Features

Antivirus Scanner

The real-time scanner uses real-time malware detection to detect and stop threats as they arise. This suggests that before malware infestations have a chance to damage your computer or expose your data, it may recognize harmful files and put an end to them.

With on-demand scanning, a particular file, folder, or software program can be the focus of an on-demand scan. It is especially helpful for removing data and external storage devices you believe to be infected.

Passwords Manager

In addition to creating strong, unique passwords for each account, the password manager can safely handle your credit card information and passwords. It may also auto-fill your login information, making it simple for you to access any account.

Parental Guidance

You can keep an eye on your children and apply parental controls with Family Plan to keep them safe. You may view your child’s activities on their device and their current location in real time on a map from your phone or computer. Based on their needs, you can also set time limitations and recommendations that are appropriate for their age.

McAfee Plans


Your first term’s duration is determined by the buying option you choose. After the initial term ends, your subscription will be automatically renewed annually. For personal use on the number of compatible devices covered by your membership, your subscription is subject to their license agreement and privacy notice. The amount charged for basic plan is ₹799.00.


The most basic antivirus software bundle is the McAfee Essential Plan. It includes identity monitoring for up to five devices and a password manager. Other notable security measures include a firewall, antivirus software, web protection, and file shredding. The amount charged for basic plan is ₹1399.00.


The premium plan contains all the benefits of the advanced plan additional background monitoring, identities recovery specialists, lost wallet protection, and identity theft security. The amount charged for premium plan is ₹1699.00.

How much does the McAfee anti-virus cost?

Depending on how many devices you wish to secure, McAfee offers a number of extra payment options. There are four options for the most popular antivirus package and subscriptions for other McAfee products, such as PC optimizer. Furthermore, taking into account that there are individual and familial variances adds to the variability.

However, it is worth upgrading if you would like a more comprehensive security suite. Although there is a basic free app version for iOS and Android, there is no free version for desktops.

Bottom Line

McAfee Antivirus is one of the best and most complete solutions for protecting your digital life from online dangers. In an increasingly complicated online environment, McAfee provides peace of mind with its strong features, adaptable plans, and remarkable specs. Whether you run a large company, a small business, or an individual user, McAfee is the best option.