Purchasing printers at home has become more popular as more individuals work from home. If you want to buy a new printer but need help knowing where to begin, read this post.

The greatest small business printers are crucial to operating a profitable business. Choosing the best printer for small businesses, home offices, and regular office use can take time, given the wide variety of printers available today.

Those printers range from monochrome models to all-in-ones that can print, scan, copy, and fax. Keep reading to learn 10 of the top business printers:

H.P. Printers

H.P. is among the oldest printer businesses on this list of the finest printer businesses. It has been in business for over a century and produces state-of-the-art print solutions.

H.P., founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, has been mainly successful in providing dependable, trustworthy, and reasonably priced printing.

Canon Printers

Although Canon has produced high-quality printers for over 80 years, they remain a formidable force, even today.

Canon Printers revolutionized the printing industry with their incredibly user-friendly printing solutions. The company was founded by Japanese painter Katsushika Hokusai.

Epson Printers

For a long time, Epson printers have been a well-liked option because the company is committed to the same goals as H.P. printers.

With more than 200 models sold under their brand, it is nearly hard to locate an Epson product that customers would like to avoid. One of the greatest printer brands in the world, Epson has established itself with a broad selection of excellent printers and inkjet cartridges.

Brother Printers

Brother printers have been in continuous production for more than twenty years. The company was founded by Shinnosuke Katsumata, a Japanese engineer.

Brother’s only goal is to be affordable and dependable, even though it is less well-known than other of the top printer manufacturers on this list. Brother printers have established a market share in this area because only some brands provide the same quality output at affordable prices.

Lexmark Printers

After a few years, K.R. Technologies and Lexmark International combined to form the joint venture that would eventually become the Lexmark trademark.

Lexmark printers prioritize dependability over style and are significant players in the laser printing market. Because of this, Lexmark has built a solid reputation for providing dependable office printing solutions.

Samsung Printers:

For small enterprises, Samsung printers provide a plethora of alternatives. Samsung printers are renowned for their dependability and effectiveness due to their sophisticated features and elegant designs.

Samsung offers a range of printer types to cater to different budgets and purposes, whether you’re looking for a basic monochrome or multipurpose color printer.

Xerox Printers:

Xerox has long been a household name in the printing business. Its printers are known for their high-quality output, cutting-edge functionality, and robustness.

Xerox offers small organizations a wide selection of solutions, from small desktop printers to large-scale production printers. Because of their cutting-edge technologies and intuitive U.I., Xerox printers are perfect for increasing efficiency in any business setting.

Dell Printers:

Dell printers’ dependable performance and economical operation are tailored to small business needs. Dell printers are designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind.

They may be used for various tasks, from regular document printing to large-scale printing assignments. Dell provides a flexible range of printers to suit the requirements of any small business, with options for color and monochrome printing.

Kyocera Printers:

Kyocera printers are well known for their robustness and low total cost of ownership. Because of their durable components and energy-efficient features, Kyocera printers are perfect for small businesses trying to reduce their running expenses and environmental impact.

Kyocera offers various alternatives for office environments and printing needs, from small desktop printers to high-speed multifunctional devices.

Richo Printers:

Ricoh printers are perfect for small businesses looking for economical printing solutions. They provide superior output quality and cutting-edge functionality. Ricoh improves productivity and protects critical data with quick monochrome and brilliant color solutions and cutting-edge security measures.

Final Words:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of freelancers has increased compared to the pre-pandemic era. In this period, investing in any of the top business printers mentioned above can be very helpful for your office work.