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Are you passionate about software and application development? Looking to write a guest post about this specific field? If yes, you are most welcome on our beautiful blog! We eagerly encourage skilled authors to contribute guest blogs or articles regularly. By becoming a writer for us and submitting blogs, you can reach millions of people each year. We are looking for exceptional writers who can offer high-quality content with clear, fresh writing skills. If you are passionate about writing entertaining and informative articles, we invite you to join our team and share your knowledge with our audience.

Content Guidelines to Write for us “Software”

Here’s what we are seeking in an article:

  • Originality: We only post content that hasn’t been published anywhere. Google does not like duplicate material, and we are devoted to providing our readers with new views and opinions.
  • Comprehensiveness: We value well-researched, comprehensive articles that span at least 1500 words, with a preference for those exceeding 2000 words. We are excited to feature more lengthy content pieces.
  • Actionable Tips: We prioritize practical tips and actionable takeaways that our audience can implement. While incorporating theory, research, and scientific evidence to support your points, be sure to include links to reputable sources.
  • Real-life Examples: Share your experiences and use relevant examples to elucidate the topic for our readers. Your unique perspective and firsthand encounters often provide the most significant value to your article.
  • Logical Structure: Pay attention to the organization of your content, ensuring it follows a logical flow. Each article should comprise an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Reader-friendly Formatting: We appreciate articles that are easy to navigate, featuring concise paragraphs, clear headlines, subheadings, bullet points, and relevant images. Ideally, readers should grasp the main takeaways simply by reading the headlines.
  • Proper Grammar: Use tools like Grammarly, seek peer feedback, or consider hiring a freelance proofreader to review your article before submission. We value maintaining grammatical accuracy throughout our content.

Please refrain from pitching:

  • Topics that we have already covered in our guest blog.
  • Promotional content that primarily serves as advertising.
  • Articles solely intended to acquire backlinks without providing substantial value to our audience.
  • General “how to be more productive” style articles lack specificity and depth.

We aim to maintain the quality and relevance of our content for our readers, so please ensure your submissions align with these guidelines.

What benefits can you expect?

  • Author Credit: You will be given full credit for your posts as the writer/author.
  • Featured Posts: Each post will be prominently featured and published with an introductory section containing your photo and a backlink to your website or blog.
  • Increased Exposure: By crafting exceptional and distinctive content, you will gain exposure to our extensive audience of visitors, readers, and followers, which potentially enhances your online visibility and reputation.
  • Reputation and Brand Building: Contributing quality content to our platform can bolster your reputation and contribute to brand building efforts, which keeps you as a knowledgeable and respected individual within your field.
  • Feedback and Validation: Writers will have the opportunity to receive feedback and opinions from numerous bloggers worldwide. It provides valuable insights into their writing skills and knowledge base.

You can reach out us on email: blog.technologymath@gmail.com