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Are you a digital marketing professional looking to submit a guest post on digital marketing and get noticed by millions of readers? If yes, we welcome you to write for us and submit a guest post to our expanding digital marketing blog. We welcome guest contributions from writers of all skill levels, whether seasoned or aspiring, as long as they follow our criteria. We welcome all ideas and will work with you to prepare the article for publication.

Writing Guidelines For Digital Marketing Guest Post

Below are the guidelines to increase the possibility of your guest post being accepted by our expert team:

  • Submit a 100% original post.
  • The content must have 2000 to 3000 words along with relevant 2-3 keywords.
  • Provide unique and engaging headings.
  • Avoid mentioning your business products in the article.
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors before submitting a post.
  • Properly format the post, utilizing subheadings and bullet points for enhanced readability.
  • Avoid promotional content. Focus on informative and valuable content.
  • Incorporate H1 and H2 tags within the content.
  • Include high-quality images in the blog.
  • Please avoid keyword stuffing and ensure your work is completely original, with no duplicate of previously published information.
  • Make sure your topic is unique and does not replicate any of the topics that we have previously posted.
  • Incorporate relevant statistics, quotes, facts, and figures from credible sources.
  • Strictly avoid AI generated content.

What Should You Write for Us?

We are seeking high-quality, original content that resonates with our mission to empower digital marketing professionals. If you are interested in contributing, please consider writing for us and offering valuable insights into current trends, practical strategies, and innovative solutions in the following areas:

  • Social Media Marketing

Share your strategies for effectively engaging audiences and maximizing results on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Guide our readers through the intricacies of PPC campaigns and provide optimization tactics to enhance performance.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Marketing

Share your experiences and tips for marketing SaaS products in a competitive landscape, which helps readers navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

  • Digital Marketing Trends

Explore the latest trends, tools, and technologies shaping the digital marketing landscape, which offers insights into emerging opportunities and potential disruptions.

  • Blogging for Business

Provide guidance on creating compelling content that drives traffic, engagement, and conversions, empowering businesses to leverage blogging as a powerful marketing tool.

How To Submit Digital Marketing Guest Post?

Ready to share your guest blog post with us? Here’s how to submit your guest post:

  • Pitch Your Guest Post Idea

Send us a brief outline of your proposed guest post. It includes a writing title or topics and key points you will cover.

  • Guest Post Submission

After your guest post pitch is approved, you need to send original guest blog post to our team for evaluation on email blog.technologymath@gmail.com.

  • Guest Post Review Process

Our team will review your submitted post and suggest any necessary edits, and confirm the publication date of your guest blog with you.